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TruGlu Rubber Flooring Adhesive

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Grip That Wont Give

Indoor air quality certified, TruGLU is the premier “green” pressure-sensitive resilient rubber flooring adhesive, approved for the interior installation of a wide variety of flooring materials.

Shelf-Life: 12 months when stored at 75° F and 50% relative humidity.

Clean-Up: Wet adhesive can be removed with a damp cloth. Dried TruGlu can be removed with mineral spirits or a safe solvent. Hands and tools may be cleaned with a "waterless hand cleanser" available at hardware and auto supply stores.

Ventilation: Installers should provide adequate cross-ventilation during and for 24 hours after installation.

Keep from Freezing: While this adhesive is freeze-thaw stable, per ASTM D-7149, it should be protected from freezing during transit and storage.

400-800 square feet per pail depending on individual usage.

TruGlu Rubber Flooring Adhesive Elevation Athletics
TruGlu Rubber Flooring Adhesive Sale price$67.00 USD