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CrocSHOCK™ Performance Tiles

Sale price$37.00 USD

Environmentally Friendly CrocSHOCK™

CrocSHOCK™ premium recycled rubber fitness tiles offer a high-impact rubber fitness flooring option for fitness spaces of any size in a wide range of applications. With a variety of colours available and a distinctive surface design that allows for square or brick installation patterns, CrocSHOCK™ interlocking athletic tiles add a stylish and functional element to any fitness area. Shock and sound-absorbing, these rubber athletic tiles have anti-fatigue properties to provide a safe and comfortable workout surface for everyone, from the casual to the committed fitness enthusiast. CrocSHOCK™ rubber fitness flooring offers a non-slip surface, even when wet, making it easy to clean and maintain. Simply sweep, vacuum, or mop indoors; or use a water hose, leaf blower, or broom outdoors.

With a versatile design that allows for quick and easy installation over any smooth surface (including concrete, asphalt, wood, and tile). CrocSHOCK™ rubber interlocking athletic tiles feature unique X-connectors designed for simple loose lay installation (included with product) saving time and money by eliminating the need for expensive adhesives, tapes, and additional labor costs. The dowel-interlock system provides an effective short-term and portable fitness flooring option as well; making it easy to disassemble and reassemble your indoor or outdoor fitness flooring indefinitely without damaging the tiles. Compact CrocSHOCK™ fitness floor tiles are manageable in size, allowing for easy storage as well as transportation.

CrocSHOCK Performance Tiles Elevation Athletics
CrocSHOCK™ Performance Tiles Sale price$37.00 USD