Elevation Athletics

5-50LB NÜO Style Dumbbells

Adjust Your Intensity

Training and personal goals constantly evolve. This change demands that your gym equipment be designed with the highest degree of versatility and rugged durability. Our adjustable dumbbells check all the boxes and let you tailor every workout to your needs. With a range of weight sizes at your fingertips, train while saving time, space and money.

• Superior Design & Function: Our EZ Twist Weight Selector was designed to replace the need of 10 individual dumbbells. Premium Volcano Style Knurling allows for controlled & safe movements.

• Everything You Need: Every Adjustable Dumbbell comes with portable holders that hold the dumbbells in place. Whether you are between sets or storing on rest days.

• Built To Last: All our products feature the same great build quality backed with an included limited warranty. Lift worry-free knowing that your dumbbells can withstand the intensity you require of them.

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